Old School Chopper Trike



Marriage of 1973 Volkswagen Beetle and rigid frame of unknown origin.


On Saturday, January 18th, Boston Biker unveiled their new trike at the Worcester Centrum.  With a 1600cc (98 ci) VW engine and a 30 inch over springer frontend this leather clad machine drew a crowd all weekend. 


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Here are some older photos when it was first built!!

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Motorcycle_Night-July_29_2003_015.jpg (62573 bytes)

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Check back soon to see more in-process pictures, detailed photos, and descriptions.

thealchemist.jpg (20536 bytes)
The picture that started it all. This trike is in New Zealand.
vw_parts2.jpg (51316 bytes)
A trailer load of parts. The dune buggy had to be cutup and disposed (it was rusted too bad).
vw.jpg (58541 bytes)
After a few minutes with the power saw!
P1010013.jpg (184031 bytes)
The rigid frame before attacking with the saw.
P3290001.jpg (39332 bytes)
About 100 hours into the project
P3290006.jpg (33988 bytes)
The view from the rear doesn't look pretty.
P3290002.jpg (32000 bytes)
All raked out and really starting to look like something now.
P3290003.jpg (47275 bytes)
The first of the 4 daggers gets welded
P3290005.jpg (32815 bytes)
The passenger seat frame  is taking shape
P3290004.jpg (35891 bytes)
Mating the bike frame to the VW.

P1190030.jpg (46496 bytes)

A mockup of a coffin tank in cardboard.  Looked cool but too big.

P1190026.jpg (68013 bytes)

A springer and wheel from around the shop just to see it on all 3 wheels

P9300081.jpg (38874 bytes)

Sitting in the driveway ready to head out for upholstery

P9300085.jpg (46515 bytes)

The handlebars are still raw steel and ready for chrome

P9300084.jpg (56183 bytes)

The stance of this chopper is really cool.

PB270012.jpg (30510 bytes)

The frame gets boxed in with plywood. Joe then sketched what he wanted


PB270011.jpg (25118 bytes)

The design kept getting refined then the sabre saw came out!

PC030175.jpg (60943 bytes)

The plywood was cut into the final spiderweb design

PC030177.jpg (59437 bytes)

The passenger seating area is taking its shape

full_view_999.jpg (135078 bytes)

The bike is back from upholstery.  What a machine!

Motorcycle_Night-July_29_2003_025.jpg (99131 bytes)
Yikes, SPIKES!  I've whacked my ankle on these a few times.  They hurt!!
Motorcycle_Night-July_29_2003_021.jpg (186834 bytes)
You can never have too many daggers!

trike5.jpg (77610 bytes)

A view from the rear.

Motorcycle_Night-July_29_2003_018.jpg (70058 bytes)

The skull eyes serve double duty as tail/brake lights also


Fast forward a few years....  not much has changed except the frontend.   The original one just didn't hold up very well.


I'm working on getting some new photos. 

Latest Photos...

Midnight1.jpg (166109 bytes) Midnight2.jpg (77257 bytes) Midnight3.jpg (92638 bytes) Midnight6.jpg (73413 bytes) Midnight5.jpg (53202 bytes)
Skull0.jpg (28319 bytes)
The new headlight before paint...
Skull1.jpg (55980 bytes) Skull2.jpg (79999 bytes) Skull3.jpg (69578 bytes) Skull4.jpg (73823 bytes)





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