New England Biker / Boston Biker's Larry Cahill.

Larry on Sporty My Goldwing

When not working on this website, building websites for others, or riding, I am a Business Analyst for a medical equipment manufacturer in Andover, MA. 

Motorcycles are my preferred method of getting around.  I'll ride until the snow starts flying then put the bikes away until the sand gets swept from the streets.   If the weather is right, then I'll jump on the bike in the 'middle of Winter' for a spin.   Sometimes those stolen moments are the best riding there is.

I hope to make it to all the major events this year.  I'll be the middle-aged guy that doesn't have much hair with the black bike. (Chuckle....sounds like a lot of riders doesn't it?)

If you like the site, tell your friends.  If you have any suggestions or comments, let me know.





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