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"Biker Friendly" Review...
The Barn Pub & Grille

Boston Biker took a short road trip to The Barn Pub & Grille in Amesbury, Massachusetts to check out a restaurant that was submitted by one of our readers as being "Biker Friendly".  This is truely a hidden gem and well worth visiting.  The building is set back from the street and it is easy to ride past it but trust me, it is well worth the ride.  (Hint: it is off Elm Street)

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A Better Mousetrap! - An Innovative Motorcycle Lock System Hits The Streets.

How does someone make fundamental improvements to a product that we all take for granted?  The phrase "breakthrough innovations" is often misused.  When you see a real breakthrough your immediate reaction is "Why didn't I think of that?"

RoadLoK Motorcycle Locking Systems has come up with a new way to secure your motorcycle.

Check out our detailed installation review..


Building Spoke Wheels 
- The 'Old School Way'


Very few shops offer lacing and truing of spoke wheels.  Rebuilding spoke wheels takes years of experience, lots of patience, the right tools, and the space to do the work.

Click here for details on a local shop that does just that!..

Why Do YOU Ride?

We all have our reasons for riding. The freedom, the openess, being one with our machine...   We have re-published something that we found from an anonumous writer.   It is worth the read...  

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Manchester Motorcycle Club Celebrates 95 Years!

The family oriented Manchester Motorcycle Club has been in existence since 1915.  Originally a bicycle club, the club evolved over the years, the name was changed to the “Manchester Motorcycle Club”, which was incorporated in 1943.

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The Right Legal Team Makes All The Difference

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer with a sensible yet aggressive approach is especially important in today's environment of motorcycle bias.

The Boston firm of Feinberg & Alban, P.C. Serving the New England Area with Affiliated Counsel is very knowledgeable and uses the appropriate demonstrative evidence as well as working with the proper experts to explain the dynamics of the injury.  The lawyer you select must understand the medicine. That will explain what is often referred to as the mechanism of injury (surprisingly, something that is often disputed), the nature of the injury, the prognosis, and similar issues. The lawyer should also know what the dollar value is of these cases. Comparable settlements and verdicts are relevant.  

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Final Ride With Dignity


A Pennsylvania company manufactures a custom hearse that was initially thought would cater to motorcycle enthusiasts.   


Check out what makes this so special...

Chrome Plating Process

Is your chrome getting a little tired looking?  Have you thought about chroming a few parts on your bike? Have you dropped the bike and a piece or two is scraped, cracked, or broken?  Thinking of restoring an oldie?


We went to a local chrome plating shop with these thoughts in mind.  What happens when you want to get something chrome (or gold or silver) plated?  What can they do?

Boston Biker's article about chrome plating process

It's the Law - But it is Wrong!

Our Constitution ensures that everyone is entitled to speak freely on any topic.  At times the intent of the law is twisted and the public just has to listen.  The somewhat recent antics of a few misguided religious zealots that are protesting at funerals takes the cake.  They only want to find the stage where they can get the most shock value and media exposure.  They don't care about the innocent people they hurt as long as they get their faces on television.  -...more-


Nuts & Bolts...

Some of our bikes vibrate by design..  Others are so smooth you have a difficult time knowing that the engine is running.  What they all have in common is that parts are held together and held on our bikes with good old fashioned nuts and bolts.  We've been digging around for sources of stainless steel, chrome, high strength, and just plain 'normal' fasteners.  

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Powder Coating - What is it?

One of our readers asked if we could visit a powder coating shop and document the process.  We visited a local custom powdering shop to find out all about powder coating.  What is it?  How is it different from paint? What are the advantages/disadvantages compared to painting?  We've got the answers for you.  

Click here to read all about it and check out the pictures.

Sport Bike Buyer's Guide

Chris Sedition sent in an excellent article outlining how to go about buying your first sport bike.  It is worth a read..

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How to prepare your bike 
for Winter Storage.


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