STS Custom Cycles

Not all Bike Builders Are Fighting!

After watching a few seasons of motorcycle building on television, you would think that it is perfectly natural to be arguing when building custom bikes. It must be normal to throw things around the shop. It almost seems like it is a requirement to have all sorts of drama if you want to build custom motorcycles. Let me tell you loud and clear... “It ain’t so!!” 

Boston Biker’s Larry Cahill and Mary Morse visited a local bike shop to see for ourselves how a “family-run” motorcycle business SHOULD be run. STS Custom Cycles in Everett, MA is a full service custom bike shop that is about the opposite of that famous TV show. 

You won’t find any yelling and screaming. No throwing things across the shop. No slamming doors. Not a single CNC milling machine or a fully automated water jet in sight. What you will see is lots of “old school” knowhow, fabrication techniques, and a total dedication to quality. What you will also see is a group of people that really do enjoy working with each other. 

The shop is owned by two friends who are like brothers, a family – Jason (“Jay”) Tello and Tony Scibilia. Jay and his business partner, Tony, spend countless hours in the shop turning out some amazing machines. Jay’s father, Jimmy, is a co-worker and facilitator. With some “basic” equipment (lathes, milling machines, drill presses, grinding, welding equipment, English wheels, planishing hammers, and such) they are able to fabricate pretty much anything that you can imagine and a few things that you couldn’t imagine. These aren’t crazy “theme” bikes but daily riders that will turn heads wherever they go. 

Yup, they build some amazing ground up custom bikes. They also modify customer’s rides into one-of-a-kind custom machines. Would you like your bike to stand out? Have you thought of making a few changes? Give them a call. 

As a full service motorcycle shop, they can also take care of all scheduled service, repairs, and performance modifications that you might need. Want more? Jay, Tony and the STS crew also have full in-house painting capability. Everything from candies, pearls, and metallics, to really old school metal flake are routine for them. Want some airbrush and/or pinstriping? They’ll hook you right up! Their paint booth is large enough to handle any size project that you can think of. 

When we stopped in, they were just finishing up on a custom bike that was to be unveiled at the Boston Wounded Vets Ride. They took a stock, run of the mill bike and transformed it into a rolling tribute bike in U.S. Marine red & gold. And they did all that work for FREE!! What a dedicated team! They put their heart and soul into that bike and it showed. 

(LCPL Nick Eufrazio served with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, when shrapnel from a grenade wounded him in 2010. Nick has a traumatic brain injury and currently going through surgeries to replace parts of his skull.) 

If you are looking for a shop that builds, repairs, and services bikes with the highest standard of quality then you owe it to yourself to get in touch with these guys! 

Check out the photos below…. These are just some of the shots that we took when visiting STS.

STS Custom Cycles

3 Charlton Street - Everett, MA   -  617-294-2561

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