Boston Biker Visits Gracie's Bar & Grill

Have you been to Gracie's Bar & Grill on Salisbury Beach yet?  We have!!  This motorcycle and hot rod friendly place is owned by Lisa Grace (hence the name "Gracie's" who is an avid rider and hot rodder.

Last week, I stopped in for lunch with a good friend, Rob Lations. Because it was mid-week and the week before Memorial Day, there was a light crowd. My first impression was "Wow, what a fantastic place!" The bartender/waitperson, Brittney, was quick to greet us and offer us a drink while we looked over the menu. Her friendly personality made us feel welcome and right at home instantly. 

I ordered a Sam Adams and Rob ordered a soda water with a lime. Rob and I chatted while I observed Brittney go about filling our order while keeping the other patrons engaged. What a professional. Our drinks arrived in no time.

Rob ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese and some sweet potato fries. I ordered some fried pickles and a cup of chili. While waiting for the food (and it really didn't take long), I explored Gracies a bit. There are a few tables outside that are perfect for enjoying a meal or a beverage, getting some sun, and people watching. That will be my next task! LOL

The inside of Gracies is much larger than it appears from the outside. A row of comfortable booths line one wall. The really cool thing about these booths is that the coat hooks are actually beer tap handles. Wicked cool!!

In the middle of the first room, there is a large stand alone aisle table that is perfect for a large group (I'm guessing 15-20 people would fit). The large bar spans both of the large rooms. The second room has a small stage for live music, quite a few high top tables, and a pool table. There is also a jukebox and darts. Tucked in the corner is Lisa's bike. What a sweet ride!

Outside there is a small patio area that Lisa and her crew are getting ready for their guests. I suspect that by the time I finish writing this, that it will be ready for some of you to sit outside and relax. It will offer some secluded seating but you will still get all the fresh ocean air and sunshine that you want. 

OK, back to the food.... Fried pickles can be disappointing. I always try them because it tells me about the skills of the crew in the kitchen. The well portioned order of pickles was served in a basket that is perfect for seaside eating. It only took one bite to know that these were the best fried pickles that I have ever tasted. A very light batter surrounds the crunchy dill pickle slices. I'm not sure what goes into their secret dipping sauce but it was fantastic! Rob and I kept picking at them!!

Rob's chicken sandwich was served on a very fresh bulkie roll. He loved it. The perfectly cooked, tender, and moist piece of checken was served with lettuce and tomatoe along with the order of sweet potato fries. 

I always try to get some chili when I go out. Gracie's did NOT disappoint me. The chili was nice and hot (temperature wise) and a perfect blend of spices. While I do love very spicy foods, most of the time I seek that balance of spicy heat and flavor. Gracie's hit a home run!! The chili was very meaty with just the right amount of tender beans and melted cheese. In my humble opinion, chili should be primarily meat. LOL

I ordered a second beer and sat back to watch Brittney going from table to table and booth to booth keeping everyone happy. She didn't appear rushed at all. Just very efficient! I listened as she asked the patrons at nearby tables how their meals were. From what I heard, the fried clams were perfectly tender and sweet, the steak tips were juicy and flavorful, and the burgers were "to die for". Overall, everyone was very happy.

Bottom line... Boston Biker will be visiting Gracies again!


Gracie's Bar & Grill
5 Broadway - Salisbury, MA
(978) 358-8672

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