The Right Legal Team Makes All The Difference

Recognized as a foremost expert on Massachusetts Automobile law, Robert Feinberg has lectured extensively on the topic. Several of his cases were published in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Verdicts and Settlements page. While many lawyers find the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Law confusing, Robert Feinberg creates hypothetical problems which have been used as teaching tools for other lawyers.

Marsha Alban and Colleen Anthony have had experience in handling thousands of automobile and motorcycle cases. They, and the team which supports them, will navigate the client through the complex maze of issues and insurers, including health insurers and liability insurers, so that peace of mind will be achieved. When the case resolves, the client can be assured that the maximum result has been obtained in an efficient way, with no stone unturned.

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer with a sensible yet aggressive approach is especially important in today's environment of motorcycle bias.  An insurance company may try to blame the motorcyclist and their passenger.  We do not accept that and pursue the negligence of the offending driver.  Hiring a law firm with a sensible yet aggressive approach is especially important. Make sure you have a lawyer who will work to overcome any bias against his/her client by accentuating the client's background and qualities. As you will no doubt agree, the client deserves to be presented on his/her merits.

Because the injuries on motorcycles tend to be more severe than in the typical two-car automobile crash, it is crucial for those insuring motorcycles to have enough protection under Part 5 (Optional Bodily Injury to Others), Part 3 (Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto) and Part 12 (Bodily Injury Caused by an Underinsured Auto).

If you are injured and you or the at-fault vehicle has proper insurance limits, the focus turns to establishing liability (how the accident happened) and damages.

For damages, your lawyer must present your medical condition as effectively as possible. Again, that often requires demonstrative aids and the use of very reputable medical experts. Feinberg & Alban, P.C. is very knowledgeable in that area and will work with the appropriate experts, as needed, to explain the dynamics of the injury.

The Boston firm of Feinberg & Alban, P.C. Serving the New England Area with Affiliated Counsel is very knowledgeable and uses the appropriate demonstrative evidence as well as working with the proper experts to explain the dynamics of the injury.  Often an accident leads to injuries to the bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments. These are known as orthopedic injuries. In their office, they regularly see clients who have suffered injuries to their shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Of course, they also see cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine injuries.

The lawyer you select must understand the medicine. That will explain what is often referred to as the mechanism of injury (surprisingly, something that is often disputed), the nature of the injury, the prognosis, and similar issues. The lawyer should also know what the dollar value is of these cases. Comparable settlements and verdicts are relevant.

There is a science to the medicine and a science to the valuation of the injury. Neither science is perfect but experienced practitioners can offer important insight and useful approaches.

You also want a law firm that has a thorough understanding of insurance law, including the ability to process and coordinate automobile/motorcycle insurance with health insurance. Feinberg & Alban, P.C. has handled thousands of these cases, both before and after the Coordination of Benefits law went into effect in 1989 under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, Section 34A & 34M.  

At Feinberg & Alban, P.C you are not just a file number, you are treated as family. And as family, they protect your interests while treating you with respect.

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