A Visit To Drew's Cycle


We heard that Drew's Cycle was raffling off a custom Harley so we had to shoot over to the shop to get a couple of tickets.


Drew's Cycle is easy to find on Rte 110 in Salisbury.  When we went in, the shop's owner, Stephen D'Arrigo, was behind the counter.  After buying our raffle tickets we hung around a bit and got to know Stephen and the Drew's Cycle history.


Drew's Cycle was started in 1996 not far from it's current location by Drew Peterson.   Drew built the business and attracted a steady following of customers.  One of those customers was Stephen D'Arrigo.   Drew closed the shop in October 2008.   It took a few months of discussion, but eventually Stephen and Drew came to an agreement and Stephen re-opened Drew's Cycle in February 2009.


Stephen has changed the layout of the shop and has built a loyal customer base.  This is a testament to Stephen's approach to customers and to Lead Mechanic, Scott Wood's technical abilities.  Stephen keeps the 2,500 sq-ft shop running efficiently.  The 4 motorcycle lifts are usually kept busy with Performance upgrades, custom modifications, interval and routine maintenance from tuneups, oil changes, tire & battery service up to handlebar replacements, exhausts, wheels, and cam upgrades.   Scott is Harley factory trained and has been with Drew's since the beginning in 1996.   His work is well known in the motorcycling community and he has earned the respect of many riders.  


The shop has done a few ground up custom rebuilds, one of which took 2nd Place at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston last year.   Lately, they have had quite a few major repairs for insurance companies for bikes that were in accidents.   "We don't know what has prompted all this insurance activity, but it is good knowing that our reputation is bringing in this work" said D'Arrigo.   "I love this business.  This is my passion, this is what I've always wanted to do."  


We were impressed with the shop and with Stephen and his staff.   If you are looking for a good independent shop where you and your bike will be treated right then you should give them a call and setup an appointment.  


Drew's Cycle
72 Elm Street (Rte 110)
Salisbury, MA


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