Nuts & Bolts For Your Bikes

Even the smooth running bikes vibrate.  All bikes have high stresses in some places while relatively low stresses in others.  A few mistakes that novice bike mechanics and builders make is to not fully understand which fastener is the right one for the application or to assemble a part and not use the appropriate lock washers or thread lock.  I've been guilty of all the above.

This page will continue to grow as I find new resources...   Enjoy!

The Bolt Depot  Large selection, sells in quantity as small as one piece!
The Bolt Guy   Has stainless steel bolt kits to replace all of the bolts on your Airhead Beemer
Chrome Bolt Makes an assortment of nuts, bolts, Allen bolts, washers and more, all chrome plated and some with flames!
Coburn-Myers Specifications for nuts, bolts and washers; also a good metric section
Gardner-Westcott Company   Specialize in stainless steel and chrome fasteners for motorcycles. Have fastener kits with an assortment of the most common sizes for British and Metric motorcycles
Mettec Makes titanium fasteners, bolts, axles and will also make prototype parts for you. They have a nice online selection of charts showing the sizes of the standard size bolts and nuts they carry
Midwest Acorn Nut A wide selection of stainless and chrome plated fasteners.  A large (13mb) catalog is available for download on their site.  It is in .pdf format
MotoWheels Has some titanium nuts, bolts and other parts for Japanese and Italian bikes  
MSC Fasteners Carries a large variety of nuts, bolts and other fasteners in stainless steel, brass and aluminum; 
Nutty Company has a selection of nylon fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc. that you need including metric fasteners and metric socket head cap screws.
Race Bolts Has titanium and aluminum nuts, bolts, and fasteners
Tasty-Nuts by Pro-Bolt Supplies Aluminium and Titanium bolt kits for Motorcycles, Motocross and Trials, Enduro, Off-Road, Scooters and bicycles.  They even have 'glow bolts'!
WashersUSA has full assortment of metric and inch washers and shim washers, they also sell a washer punch kit that allows you to make your own washers  
Yoyodyne has many titanium parts including brake parts and axles 

Goto website...

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