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R & R Cycle

Reggie Ronzello has always been hooked on performance. It started with hot-rods when he was a kid and then worked into motorcycles.  Reggie started the motorcycle performance business about eleven years  ago. Like many startups it began in the basement of his parents house.  The difference was that there was a dyno in the garage.  The neighbors weren't too crazy about that.  Around 7 years ago R&R (Reggie and his dad, Reggie) moved the operation to their current facility at 8024 South Willow Street in Manchester, NH.

Reggie went into the design and manufacturing out of his frustration by not being able to get the performance parts that he wanted.  The business started out as a hot-rod shop.  Modifying heads for extra performance.  The early heads were ported and polished, modified for higher compression, multi-angle valve seats, that sort of thing.  Now as you can see, the business continues to grow.  R&R is the leader in American V-Twin high performance work. 

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When you walk through the doors at R&R you step into the clean, well-lit showroom of the New England dealership (and top dealer in the country) for Bourget Bikes and one of the top performance centers in the country.

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P1170005.jpg (45494 bytes) R&R sells their performance parts direct to the customer or will build your dream machine for you.

The showroom is stocked with high performance machines with R&R powerplants as well as engines from S&S, Harley, and others.

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P1170009.jpg (41836 bytes) If you want a Bourget Bike with the R&R engine, Barry (or any of the sales staff) will help you design your bike and get the order placed.  R&R will build your high output engine and ship it to Bourget where it will built into your DOT approved custom bike with the R&R hot rod engine.  All the numbers match, no hassles! barry.jpg (43534 bytes)
If you get the opportunity to step "out back" you will get a chance to see where the magic happens.  The research department equals that of any university. This isn't trial and error engineering!  Combustion theory and  flow characteristics are combined with the dyno, track, and street performance experience that come from years of engine building.  Reggie's dad heads up the Research Department.  A Mechanical Engineer from MIT with a background in flow design has made him one of the top performance specialists in the country.
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On the left, the flow bench is only one of the tools used in the design and testing of the flow characteristics of the heads.  Performance implications of different flow geometries is done using this flow bench.  The head design can be custom matched to the application for MAXIMUM power.  

The CMM (coordinate measurement machine) on the right is used to take detailed 3-dimensional measurements so that the engineering calculations (and final verification) can be performed.

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The cam design and measurement station on the left is used to design a custom cam profile for the application.  From street profiles to full out drag racing designs, the specifications are sent to Andrews for the custom grinding of the cam.

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The stack of 33 lb billet  aluminum blocks on the left are waiting for the milling machine.  On the right, is one of the computer controlled milling machines reducing that 33 pounds to 18 pounds and transforming a block of aluminum into a high performance cylinder head. 

R&R make their own heads as well as modify the heads from the top head manufacturers.

 The process starts by welding in a custom wedge  for the specific performance modification desired. Then the head goes into the CNC machine for the precision machining

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As R&R expands into the manufacture of their own cases, cylinders, and cranks they will be adding vertical machining centers to their exising CNN machining centers shown on the right.

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The new machines will be able to hog out a set of billet cases in about 4 minutes before going into the precision grinding stage.  That should be something to see!

The Engine assembly room is where all the research, design, and manufacturing  come together.  P1170017.jpg (32976 bytes) In this well-lit, spotless room the engines are assembled with surgical precision. 
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The engine test stand on the left is fully adjustable to set up and run in a newly built (or re-built) engine under a load, run it up and down through the gears and make sure it is perfect before being installed in a bike.

The new dyno setup on the right has a loading brake to put the engine under a load so that maximum performance can be setup for all riding conditions.

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There are always new designs in research.  

Stop in the facility or give them a call.


R&R Cycle

8024 South Willow Street

Manchester, NH  03103

(603) 645-1488


Visit the R&R website  -  www.rrcycle.biz













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