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Final Ride With Dignity


A Pennsylvania company manufactures a custom hearse that was initially thought would cater to motorcycle enthusiasts.   What they have found is that funeral directors are reporting that a large percentage of clients using the motorcycle hearse have never even ridden a motorcycle. The Tombstone Hearse Company's hearses have become a prime choice for many Military and Police funerals and surprisingly even grandmothers due to the dignity and honor the hearses provide.


The uniform black and chrome style of the combined motorcycle and coach flows as one cohesive unit bringing out the quality accents that complements the reliability and safety that the units are known for. From the laminated deck floor with cut mohair trim to the crushed velour curtains that line the decoratively etched safety glass windows.  It is not just a hearse but also a show unit truly worthy of the great men and women who have traveled to their final destination within.


The Cournoyer Funeral Home in Jaffrey, NH provides this hearse across New England.  Contact them for more information and for availability in your area.